28 November 2015 12:00 Noon

Got to witness dawn from the top of the land at CoSM, the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, NY. Volunteering again, for the Full Moon weekend of festivities.

Color in the Sky over CoSM

26 November 2015 1:30pm

Thanksgiving here at the Heart Sutra Science school. Food is imminent. I hope your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate, It’s a USA thing) is fun, free of conflict, and full of conversations with people you may not see much, on topics that evoke smiles.

My Thanksgiving Facebook status says:

“Thank you, for another moment, with you. Look in the mirror today, and know my gratitude for the lessons I’ve learned from you, the time we’ve shared, the world that is better for our meeting. Thank you.”

20 November 2015 10:33pm

Settling in for a chill weekend of volunteering. I much prefer choosing to work for free than being coerced with monetary compensation.

20 November 2015 5:00am

Thanks to Derek Sivers for announcing the Now movement. Many web sites are creating /now pages, and in them people are telling you what they are doing Now. This is the /now page for GravityPress, my site for blogging and posting my notebooks.

Now I am:

  • 20 days into 100 days of NOT doing a bunch of my favorite things, like smoking herbs and including other personal things I don’t need to mention specifically. I have taken away many crutches I sometimes use to distract me from the world. Sometimes what I’m NOT doing is as important as what I’m doing, I am finding.
  • I just posted an article I wrote a couple of years ago (but which has been unavailable on the web) describing my Guide to Consciousness.
  • I just learned to play Florence + The Machine’s “Cosmic Love” on guitar.
  • I’ll be volunteering at CoSM this weekend (as I often do) for a Visionary Salon with Allan Badiner
  • Making a commitment to blog more here at GravityPress
  • Watching this very timely video (recorded a couple of years ago) by my good friend Mike Ogletree and AnacousticMind. (That’s me on percussion)

. What are you doing? Get a web site, and tell Derek Sivers and the world at NowNowNow!